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APPLICATION in M2 PMIP for the YEAR 2022-2023

Admissibility of the application:

The M2 PMIP is accessible to students who have acquired 60 ECTS in a Master's degree in Microbiology or Plant Biology and show a particular interest in plant-microbe interactions. Having followed a basic course on plant-microbe interactions would be an advantage.


How to apply for the year 2022-2022? 

- Opening of the e-candidat application to fill the application form: April 22th 2022

- The file is entirely dematerialised: the documents to be attached to the file must be uploaded via the e-candidat application.

- Deadline to finalise the application: June 1st 2022

- Admission committee: June 13th 2022

- Notification of the decision: June 24th 2022

- Confirmation/withdrawal by the applicant: July 8th 2022

- Back-to-school meeting and first course: August 31st 2022

Case of INSA students:

For any information, contact:


Case of foreign students:

 Please visit the University website at

The course is not open to applications under the "études en france" procedure.